July 24, 2024

3 Initial Steps To Consider When Planning A Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most thrilling occasions as it is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. A baby shower is usually organized by a close female friend or family member. There are a great many ways in which you can decorate for the event and if you know the gender of the baby you can always use the appropriate colour, pink for girl and blue for a boy. While there is no hard and fast rule for decorations, all you need is some planning, time and creativity to have a great baby shower. The tips below will give you some unique ideas to plan a perfect and memorable baby shower.

Planning the event

Planning ahead will ensure the smooth flow and coordination of the event. The first task is to decide on the venue of the shower. This will give you a clear picture of the layout, space and what facilities you will have to work with. If the flooring of the venue is bland for example; you can place a few bold carpets as an accent piece. There will be right rugs for sale that you can buy for a good deal provided you plan well in advance. Most of the decorations and planning will depend on the venue.

Choosing a theme

Like with planning any party, having a theme will greatly help you focus on how you plan the look and will also make your theme look professional. The theme of the party will be entirely up to the planner along with the ideas and suggestions of the mother-to-be and family. Unlike picking bedroom furniture Sydney, the theme of such a party can vary a lot from jungle, carnival themes, to simple boy or girl colour themes.

Planning the budget

Planning your budget for the party is the next task in hand. This will be the deciding factor in how elaborate you want to go about with the baby shower. The most important factors to take in to consideration is to find out how many guests will be invited so that food, drinks, gifts, party favours and various other decorations can be planned out accordingly. Planning everything early will give you a variety of options to get good discounted rates and deals when shopping for decorations. If your budget is limited, think of where you can save most of the money for example; consider borrowing cake stands or some of the tableware from friends and family. It will also make them feel more helpful and part of organizing the event.