February 26, 2024

Steps To Arrange Your Room

Arranging your room is something that has to be done almost on a daily basis, as this is where you sleep and spend most of your time in. Therefore, you need to keep it as neat as possible. You never know when you might have sudden guests or visitors, so a clean, neat and arranged room is always a splendid sight.

Wardrobe first

Start by cleaning out your wardrobe and closet first. You are bound to have a few clothes either lying around or on a chair, now is the time to tend to these clothes and actually put them away. If they are too dirty for the closet but too clean for the laundry, what you can do is keep them in a shelf for later use. A tidy wardrobe is a nice sight to see, especially as this is what you see first thing in the morning. Keep separate stores for your clothes, accessories, pure linen sheets and shoes.

Floors and corners

You might not notice, but in the corners is where the most dust gathers! It’s important that you clean the corners and sweep the littlest corners around your room to avoid the build up of dust and sometimes even insects. None of us want to see a family of insects in the corner of a room. Mopping every three weeks also sounds ideal! Keep the floor clean always as this is where dirt and dust gathers the most.


Any unnecessary storage must either be cleaned out or kept under your bed. Keep it away from public eye and make sure your box has no boxes lying around, as this isn’t a pretty sight.

Daily routine

You need to make yourself a daily routine where you wake up every day, clean your bed sheets, dust your luxury pillows, and arrange your closet. This routine will help you become more organized and you’ll have less to clean the next time you decide to go through a spring cleaning session. Getting used to a routine takes some time, but as you stick to it, it becomes easier. Make sure you add the cleaning of your washroom into your routine!

Make as much room as possible

Make sure your room is as spacious as it gets. This means hanging your coats on a hanger, and even your shoes can be kept inside your closet. The more room you make, the more spacious and led cramped your room will look!These are a few tips to help you with the arranging of your bedroom!